Vedic Maths

Benefits of studying Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths is great way to improve the speed of calculations.
Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and intelligence.
Vedic Math is simpler yet more interesting than regular Math.
Vedic Mathematics methods come as a boon for all competitive exams.
Vedic Mathematics system also provides a set of independent crosschecking methods.
Apart from the calculating abilities, it helps stimulate the right brain…boost creativity.

Online or Home Vedic Maths Training Classes
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Before you start learning Vedic Maths there are few things you should know.
3 digit addition and subtraction.
2 digit multiplication.
1 digit division.
Multiplication tables up to 10.
This workbook is first step to Vedic Maths. If you study this workbook properly it will be a strong foundation stone for your Vedic Maths.
You will have to do all the exercises, because they are the essential part to build a solid foundation of Vedic Maths.
As you do the exercises write down the answers either on paper or in a file on your computer.(You will find the answers on the last page).
Bhushan Kulkarni.