Benefits of Chess‎

Chess raises your kids IQ
Chess teaches planning and foresight
Brings people together.
Teaches you how to win and lose.
It increases kid’s problem-solving skills.
Can help you focus.
It improves the concentration your child.
Develops creativity.
Builds confidence.
It improves the memory of your child
Exercises the brain.
Helps you being calm.

Online or Home Chess Training Classes
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Chess Stratagy

Listen to your pieces, find out what to do for them. Here are some things your pieces might say to you if you could hear them:

King: I want to go in one of my castles where it’s safe. But I must come out to help at the end when the Queens have gone.”

Queen: “I hate being bugged by other pieces. I’ll wait until we’ve had a few swaps then attack with my gang.”

Rook: “I want to be on an open file with my friend, the other Rook.”

Bishop: “I want a nice clear view, not blocked by Pawns.”

Knight: “Put me on a central square in the middle where I can’t be attacked by Pawns.”

Pawns: “Get out of my way! I want to be a Queen.”